Google I/O Follow Up

So last week I had the privilege of attending Google I/O for the second time in a row. It was really good event. I only had a few gripes. First they started the keynote at 9am but did not start letting people in till what seemed like 8:45. To get 5,500 people into a building and seated takes much longer and if I did not line up at 7am I would have missed the first half of the keynote. I heard some people were really angry about that. Even though I was in the first 500 or so people, I was kicked off to a waiting room area to watch the keynote on a screen. Kinda bummed about that.

You all heard we got watches so I am gonna skip it and I am gonna skip talking about the after party as well. I’ll talk about the watches later. Lets talk https for a little bit.

I attended all of the topics I wanted to live. For the others, I will watch on YouTube. The best presentation for me was the https session. I have been advocating all sites to go to https TLS (Transport Layer Security) for some time now. Making your site secure is paramount to having a better world and keeping your site secure. Yes it might cause you to do more work and setting everything up correctly and that can be a pain for many of you. It is the future. If Google were to tell you that they would give you better rankings and such if you were secure then you would do it right?!?! Well then if Google is doing talks on https TLS and recommending it, why not just make the shift now? You can get a certificate pretty cheap ($10-$30) and go from there. I will do a solid break down of https TLS and how you need to implement it in the next few weeks.

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