HARO, PRweb, PR Newswire and all of the other Press Release sites

Does your company put out a press release? Have you stopped that practice in light of recent events. Are you going to keep putting Press Releases on these sites? I had a conversation with an employee from HARO this morning that left me laughing. I will not mention his name because I don’t want to get him fired. He had the audacity to tell me that the press release sites were not penalized and that his company is awesome. Well here is some other stuff you can go read on HARO links.

Is it wise to go after a press release plan? NO. No it is not wise anymore. So the guy went on to tell me that because Open Site Explorer gave them such a high domain authority they are okay. I went on with him about this and asked him how hard would it be to build a scraper, and then assign a mathematical formula to a site. He agreed to that and we both agreed that these 3rd party ranking sites are crap. 

We went back and forth on a few other issues and I kicked his butt on all of them. Am I gloating on this? No, I feel bad for him that he along with half of the SEO industry have fallen into a trap to understand what these 3rd party sites do and their ranking numbers. I do not trust a site when people tell me they have high domain authority, I get scared. Does Google have domain authority? Does Bing have domain authority? NO. Domain authority is made up from sites like http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/ and others. Should you trust it? Maybe, but I sure as hell do not. It is as if someone said to you hey your site is awesome you should rank high, but, in reality it is like the singers on American Idol during the tryouts. The singers suck, they have no right participating. Most sites on the web have no right being there.

Press release sites are a joke. You pay for a press release online. You are paying for links. Then reporters that are lazy use the service and then it becomes a revolving wheel that breeds stupidity. Reporters become lazy and business owners as well as SEO’s just want links. So now they are buying them. Should you put out a press release when you hire someone? When you go to lunch? When you have a webinar? When you go to lunch? No. No. No, you should not. And this is why we as SEO’s cannot have nice things. Because of sites like HARO, PRweb, PRnewswire and the likes that started out doing good but ending up sucking. Yeah I said it, they suck.

So what changes can be made?

I want to see the PR sites go out of business. I want to see companies build out a press section on their websites and populate that section with the Press Release that hopefully will be picked up and put on news sites. I am tired of lazy reporters that just need to fill a content quota so they use these services. I really do hope these sites are put out of business, I hope that Google continues to go after them for selling links. I hope SEO’s see that it is not a wise investment and they stop publishing PR to these services. If the SEO’s stop then these businesses will fold and they will go out of business. I look forward to it. Not everyone is meant to be a SEO. Not everyone can do it right. Many look at the SEO community as a scam. I have to agree, there are many scammers out there and these PR sites are part of the problem. Press release sites need to die a quick death and SEO’s need to stop using them.

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