The Better Business Bureau, is it a scam?

So we all are online these days and when you see the Better Business Bureau (BBB) logo we want to think that is an upstanding business. Did you know that you can buy that upstanding listing? For $350 you too can have your business listed. But then lets ask the question, does it need to be listed with a scam agency that takes your money to give it quality score. Would you trust a company that paid for a rating score? No.

So why would a company buy this scam that the BBB is? Well many business owners want to be seen as credible and they think that the BBB is credible. So what does that tell you?Many small business owners want to pay to fake their way to the top. So what this does is snowball the quality for the BBB to have people think they are actually a credible company.

Then if the BBB is credible and you have an A+ rating on your website, well then you are awesome. So to recap if you are dumb enough to buy a BBB rating or put that rating on your website, well then you are a total idiot.

Should any business actually list the BBB logo? Should a user trust the logo. NO.

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