2014 WWDC – Apple, What I Dream.

So I am a Macbook and iMac fac. I moved over to Android for my phones. My wife runs the Moto X and I have the Nexus 5 so I could care less about the phones and tablets that Apple will come out with at WWDC2014 in a few days.

Since Apple came out with Mavericks last October I cannot foresee any radical new thing with the OS for the computer line. 

So what else is there? Yeah I think it will be wearables. We will see some watch that is linked to the phone and that will be like the watch that David Hasselhoff used to speak to KITT with. Will there be anything that is truly ground breaking? I don’t see it happening on Monday. What I dream for is a HUD (Heads Up Display) like Google Glass. I think that would be cool to see something like Google Glass. I do think we will see something that will tie to Tesla and Beats by Dre. Guess we will just have to wait though, right?

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