Marketing Allotment, where you should spend your time in 2014

This image below says a lot right?┬áProportions are a li’l off, but principle is sound. Most SEO’s won’t be able to cope with this. It’s already breaking the less adaptable ones.┬áTo clarify, I think the marketing efforts chart is a little light on the Google side. If you’re already getting this much Google love, you should be spending 25% – 30% of your marketing effort in retaining it. I’m all for diversification, believe me, but if you don’t also shore up what you already have, the chance of erosion is far higher.
Marketing AllotmentSo ask yourself – What do you do? How do you do it? What makes you different? If you’re search keyword dependent you probably haven’t figured out #3 yet. If the consumer can identify with a differentiator in a positive manner, traffic shouldn’t be so lopsided on the search side. I’m living this right now and finding bad habits are hard to break.

So where do you spend your time? Where are you going to spend your time if your traffic from Google looked like this?

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