Keyword Density, what is the perfect number?

Some people are still being told or are reading about Keyword Density and what is the perfect number. Others have given a number, some have a magical number of 5%, 14.75% and 45% but holy hell Batman, there is no magic number. I get so frustrated being asked this number. Stop just stop asking for the perfect number from being good to being spam.

Mention a keyword once linking to the page you want to rank. Then mention to it again and walk away. If you went to school, High School or College then you know that you cannot stuff word in your papers to make them meet the length that is required. You cannot change the font, you cannot change the font size like you did in school. Yeah you know you did it, and you would add in words that did not need to be there to make the paper the proper length.

So it is really simple:

      • Write great content
      • Write content that users and readers want to share
      • Write content that helps the user understand what the page is about

Writing R.A.D. (Relevant, Articulate, Delightful) content helps your users and it helps the Search Engines understand what the page is to help your rankings.

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