What is PR and does it matter?

PR or as most know it as PageRank. PageRank is a numerical formula from 0-10 that Google uses to rank a website on. Now does PR actually mean anything? To publishers it does as they use the number to fix a price on selling ads. It is also used by scammers when they want to sell links.

      • Should you try in influence PR? NO.
      • Should you care about PR? NO
      • As an SEO or Webmaster do you care about your clients PR? NO

I get people that ask me all of the time about PR. I ask them what Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics is telling them. I have even seen it where the PR has declined for a site but the traffic has increased. PR is a ranking factor, it was the original Google algorithm designed by the founders of Google.  

      • So does PR actually mean you should do anything to fix your site? No.
      • Should you link build? No.
      • Should you buy links? Heck NO!!
      • Should you listen to every word from Matt Cutts? No.

There are a few things you can do. You can write great content. Content that your users will want to read and lave a comment on. There are issues where people have done Guest Blogging. Guest blogging is not wise anymore to affect PR and build back links. I would not worry about PR, I ignore it for my sites and the sites I work on. I have had to fight against CEO’s about PR before and when a CEO, CMO or CTO brings up PR I usually pass on the work unless I can convince then to ignore PR.

So in summation, ignore PR. Just worry about making great content and making a great site.

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