SEO basic lesson – The URL, Keeping it simple

I get people reaching out to me all of the time asking me what they should do first in regards to SEO and I usually start of with the basics. So let’s dig into the URL. What is a URL? It’s the domain that looks like for example. So let’s dig into pitfalls you can have first and foremost the most basic issue you will have is having different versions of your homepage indexed and that can look like spam.


  • And others depending how your site was set up. (Most I have ever seen is 8 versions of the homepage)

Many webmasters forget to set the preferred homepage via a 301 redirect. I like to see the www in the URL but it is not needed if you don’t want it. If you want to see the www version than 301 on the server level from non-www to the www version and vice versa if you don’t want to see it. I would contact your hosting provider to help you.

Then after you have done this you don’t need to tell people to go to your website via www you can just tell them the name like and they will get there. This is the fist thing you want to want to do after you bought your domain and before you start building your site. If you already built it, then fix it today.

Now you do not want to use _ you want to use a Р(hyphen). Look at the URL of this page. If you do not have a developer,  you can contact me and I will be glad to help for a limited time.

If you have questions on this reach out to me at matt(@) If you want me to respond fast, hit me up on Google+.

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