How to properly create an external link – Webmaster Basics

We have all visited a website and seen a link in the content that is either citing or talking about something else the writer has seen on that site. We all get that concept, now let’s dig into the guts of that link.

You have a few options of what you are going to do. You can just create a link like these:

  1. – Opens in this tab and you will never come back here
  2. – Opens in a new tab and your analytics will still keep counting the visitor.

What do you want to do? Well I am always gonna jump on option #2 as you never want the user to leave your site. Yeah you are cool with the visitor clicking the link but you don’t want to have them leave. Once the user is gone, do they really come back? How often do you go back? Yeah, that’s right, never. So make it better for yourself and the user and open all external links in a new tab. Make it easy, make it make sense for everyone.

So what does the code look like for making option #2 work? Here you go:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Now can you do more with this like nofollow and all that jazz? You bet but that is for later.

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