Google Sandbox, is it real, or is it fake?

I keep hearing about new sites claiming they are in the Google Sandbox. So lets talk about a few things that would prevent each and everyone of us from having a new site not rendering.

  1. Robots.txt: Your robots.txt file is set up to discourage search engines from indexing the site.
  2. Noindex, Nofollow: You have a NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW tag on the homepage of the site preventing Web Crawlers from getting to your site.
  3. Canonical: Yes this does happen where the canonical is pointed to the wrong place. Example is


There is no such thing as Google Sandbox. Build your site and when you are ready to have the crawlers ravage your site make sure you do not have the issues above. Then submit your sitemap to Google or Bing webmaster central. Do a fetch as Googlebot and if you want extra added measure share the homepage on Google+.

Sit back have a soda or other beverage and give it 20-30 minutes. Google will index your homepage and you will find it in the search if you do a search.

Not too complicated but yep it does happen and people get in a tizzy. Just relax, give it a few weeks to a few months to get the rest of the site indexed. Now you might not show up for the keyword terms you want to rank for in the beginning and that is not a Sandbox, that is just life.

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