Lane Splitting Saved A Few Hours Today

A few days ago I talked about Lane Splitting and today there was a really bad accident where some people died on the freeway. I passed it and the thing is that it was on the other side of the road. There was no police, fire, cars or debris on my side of the freeway. Yet as I rode by all of the cars that were stopped finally coming up to the scene I was agitated at all of the rubber necking people.

If in high density population areas if they made a median where the other direction cannot see the flow of traffic then I think that rubber necking would cease to exist. I did a split for over 10 miles and all but two cars were nice. There were two cars that had it in their head not to let me pass. If more people rode, there would not be traffic like we all see today.

I am going to buy a camera so I can post what my rides look like since I do ride a lot these days.

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