Google I/O 2014, I will be attending

So I got my tickets to Google I/O. Am a a budding developer working on two apps for Android. I am not a developer by trade and I never thought I would be either. Some might ask why I am getting into the app world and there are TWO distinct reasons. First is that there are a few apps out there that do what I need but they are horrible. I just want something simple and sleek. Is everyone on the planet going to download them? Not in a chance and if I am the only one I am oaky with that.

Second reason is that it builds my skill base and I love learning new things. Unless you are always learning then you are sitting around doing nothing as someone once told me. So I am doing it to learn. 

I am excited to attend Google I/O as I did attend last year as well. I met some amazing people and get to see some cool new stuff. Some might question the thought of $900 for the conference in San Francisco but I live nearby and it is only 60 mile drive each way to the event. Yeah I scored a place on that my wife is excited about and she is gonna hang out in San Francisco for the time I am at Google I/O.

All of the sessions will be on YouTube and you and I will be able to watch them after the conference is over. I know some people go for the new tech, I don’t really care about that and if I get another Chromebook I will donate it to a family that could use it. I did that with the Chromebook that Google gave me from the TC Summit in 2013. I am excited to see what Google has planned for this year and I am looking forward to the after party, I know that will be fun.

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