Lane Splitting in California

I love to ride my motorcycle. I have it running in my blood. I love to ride safe and sane. Whenever I have to take a car here though it takes forever to get anywhere. 30 miles in rush hour takes me 80-90 minutes. Yeah that is painful.

Below is a great video and some good stats in the video like the study out of Belgium.

The impact on traffic congestion was determined in a case study for the highway stretch between Leuven and Brussels. Traffic flows in the morning commute were simulated in detail. A modal shift towards motorcycles results in shorter queues that disappear sooner. Travel times are significantly shorter. When 10% of all private cars are replaced by motorcycles, total time losses for all vehicles decrease by 40%. The attraction of new traffic (due to improved circumstances) is taken into account in this case study.

When the case study results are extrapolated to the entire highway network in Belgium, total time savings for all vehicles would add up to 15.000 hours, which is equivalent with benefits of € 350.000 per day.

Now I know you are saying this study is from Europe and they can piss off because you are in the states. Well just think that if there were more motorcycles on the road then you would not have the congestion. I see so many cars filled with only 1 person stuck in traffic that it makes me sick. You might be driving a more fuel efficient car but when you are not moving you are still polluting. If you are not moving, then you are not doing things right.

If you do not ride, take a MSF class today after you watch this video below and you will get home faster and safer. Remember that you are 100% in control of your safety and you have to control that on a motorcycle.

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