15 Simple SEO Rules

1. Don’t be a dick.

2. Work with whoever the hell you want.

3. No one gives a crap if you have been published on MOZ.

4. The site comes first, right behind family and friends and making a living.

5. Working on a bad site makes you better as you can have BIG wins. But don’t be stupid about it.

6. If you aren’t having fun, stop.

7. Don’t trash other SEO’s that were behind you. Just don’t.

8. Don’t be late to a client meeting. Makes you look like an idiot.

9. If you’re dropped from the account, do your own thing. Start your own residual income site.

10. If a client hired you to teach them. Do it. They will come back to you because we all know they will need more help.

11. Support your local SEO Community. Host an event or volunteer to help.

12. If you write a blog post more than 3 times a year, you are in the SEO Sport division. If you get picked up on reddit or digg twice, you scored. If you get your post retweeted and shared a few thousand times on Google+, count yourself lucky. Hint – write more.

13. If you get fired just walk away and move to the next job or client and be thankful to be gone so you can have more fun working on other sites.

14. Do not make start line excuses. “I haven’t been reading”, “I didn’t know”, “The theme is bad”, “The site is too slow”, and the like, are all your clients fault. Just work, congratulate the client, and hang out with your pals after. Ask for a LinkedIn reference if you are smart about it.

15. Blogs are stupid. Don’t listen to them, and never take them seriously.

SEO Life, filled with fun, laughs, heartache, and best of all people.

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