The Rise of The SEO Expert

That title caught you didn’t it? In the last few years I hear expert, guru, ninja and all of those buzzwords being tossed around like a shirt in the dryer. It never sticks. I look at an expert as someone that has been in the field 5+ years and they know their stuff.

I once talked to a guy that called himself a Social Media Expert and even had it on his business card. Sad part is that all he did was Facebook. I have talked to many “SEO Experts” that I would not trust to do an audit.

I look at an expert as someone who knows their stuff really well. Can teach it to others no matter their audience and actually have it received. If you can teach SEO to my mother in-law then you are far beyond me. It took me 2 hours and wanting to run into traffic before she got it. But I kept my cool.

SEO Experts are ones that could actually prove they are by actions, not by words. In the whole sense of the world there are many Experts and when I think of an Expert I think that they are the top tier professionals. Think of the Navy Seals, they are pros, you would not call in the local swim team to do what they do.

Would you be okay testifying in a court case and being able to prove you are right? Would you be okay teaching 5 year olds to senior citizens what you do and be able to break it down to the simplest formula?

If you cannot back up what you do please I beg of you to not call yourself an “SEO Expert” as I have worked with many companies that have hired an “expert” who tanks the site and then they call me to fix the mistake.

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