SEO Expert Witness Tools

As an SEO Expert Witness I have to rely on tools and my own knowledge that I have built up over years to determine the facts in a case. A few of the many tools I use:

  • Google Analytics (If I have access)
  • Google Webmaster Tools (If I have access)
  • Google AdWords (If I have access)
  • ScreamingFrog

I use these tools to gather a fuller picture of what is needed to understand. Usually you will not get access to the sites but the legal team will spit out tons and tons of PDF’s that you will have to dig through. The hard part is seeing where things are because you are in the tools so often that you will not be able to find the data in the PDF’s quickly. You will have to dig.

I find that with all of these tools you will be better prepared. If you are going to hire an SEO Expert Witness, make sure they have a grasp of what the project entails. Most basic SEO’s will farm out research that can lead to issues because they do not understand all of the issues and their could be a NDA. So if you are a lawyer looking for a SEO Expert Witness, be careful make sure to ask every question you can think of otherwise you might have someone that has been unethical, and does not really know how to do research that you need them to do for your case.

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