Responsive or Mobile website?

So you are sitting there reading this post and you are thinking should I do a mobile site like a (link will not work) or a responsive site. Either your a new SEO or webmaster or you are building your first site and you want to know what a responsive site is. So lets dig in.

Responsive site is where using a bunch of stuff you can make your desktop site detect and then render what platform or device the user is using and then display the site in that manner.

If you are on a desktop right now grab the left or the right of this site and then make it smaller. Kinda cool right? Makes is super easy for SEO.

Now lets say you want to go down the road of mobile. Than’s okay. You have to create a whole new site, a site. Then you have to worry about all kinds of issues.

I hate mobile sites. Let me repeat myself, I hate mobile sites. It is easier to user detect and render a responsive site. You will not have to worry about cross indexing issues. You will not have to worry about s ton of issues. Make the right step and set your site up with a responsibly responsive design. If you want to talk more about the benefits of a responsive design, email me.

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