Should a SEO go after an MBA?

I thought about getting an MBA, took the GMAT looked and visited schools. I did pretty will on the GMAT as well. I was doing all of the research. I then sat back and I thought about what I wanted to do as a career in life to help society. I am a SEO, I love SEO, it gets me out of bed, it puts me to sleep at night.

When I hear of people getting a MBA I say go for it. There are some fields in life though that you will not need an advanced degree for. I will not really trust a SEO that at least has 5 years experience in the field. If you want a faster leg up towards a career path in any field them you need a degree. I am contacted by companies all of the time that want a SEO with an MBA. The issue I have is that to get a MBA you have to take two years or for some a year to finish. The issues with taking the time to focus on a MBA is that SEO evolves from one day to the next and after taking the time off that your skills will be so rusty that you will have issues. I do think continuing education using a MOOC from udacity, Stanford and other places are a great way to keep current.

I am 35 as of this writing, I served 7 years in the military and then went to college. I graduated in 2009 and jumped into the SEO world whole I was in college. I think that to take the time now to get an MBA would hurt me. I talk to many MBA’s each week. Most do not have a clue about internet marketing. If a University was to teach it it would be out of date before the school taught it to the students.

So overall of you are a SEO I would not go after the MBA, I would push ahead and go after building your SEO knowledge base. Then those MBA’s will have to hire you to save their website.

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