SEO Is A Marketing Strategy

I had the unfortunate pleasure to read a post today talking about how SEO is not a marketing strategy. Well, I hate to tell you this but it is. SEO will help you to discover who your most profitable customer is, it will convert users into customers and it will help you keep your customers or encourage loyalty if you have correctly married SEO and UX.

SEO brings the users, UX keeps the users on the site. It will strengthen a weak value proposition, fix usability problems on your website,  discover customer purchasing motivations or send emails on your company’s behalf. It will help your customers develop an emotional connection with your company or improve the overall customer experience.

I am so sick of SEO hacks that do not understand what SEO truly is.

What SEO will do is allow your business website to be crawled, indexed, and rendered in the index potential users and, when done correctly and ethically, can bring qualified customers  to your website.  That’s it. That is a marketing strategy. If you are a lead generation site and you are getting users but your UX is crap then you got what you paid for. I have seen many sites over the last few years that do not think about this. I worked on a site a number of years ago. I built the site, from scratch and the SEO was top notch back then. The site also had all of the ways that anyone could get ahold of them.

The company just launched a new website this month. The issue is that they did not set up proper 301’s, not Call To Action, no phone number and a horrible URL structure among other things. Now that site is tanked, and tanked hard. I noticed the switch and I have been watching how Google has very quickly killed the site. The best part of all is that they removed any analytics so they will never know how hard the site tanked. Idiots think that SEO is not a marketing strategy as it is.

This was a site that used to rank for all kinds of stuff, all over the place. Not a ranking anymore. Google has killed the site and Google did it within 2 weeks. Google is pretty fast and if you do you keep up with SEO trends and make sure that your SEO marketing is up to par you deserve to go under, you do not deserve to have a company if you cannot see that your site is a marketing strategy and that it is backed by a full blown SEO strategy.


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