WordPress, Joomla, Drupal – which CMS should you choose?

We have all seen posts over the last few years that talk about which Content Management Systems (CMS’s) are better. I have worked with many of them. The issue with most CMS’s is that each has its own level of difficulty. This will be a part about those issues. I look at joomla as a bad CMS that is proven to have many issues. I have not played with it for over a year.

With Drupal you have a great CMS that comes in a box but that you have to assemble yourself. There are many issues that you will need a full time front end developer for. If you are selling website design services you want to sell your clients on this so you have them locked in and they will never leave you.

If you want to have the same setup costs but then be able to manage the site on your own then you will want WordPress. Don’t get me wrong, some WordPress sites can cost north of 8K and that is for a good site. This site you are looking at as of this posting cost nothing. It’s a free site, if you are paying for something you usually get something better. If you are selling stuff I suggest looking at a CMS that will allow for that.

I’ve spent a lot of time with WordPress I have found it is easier and anyone can use it. The issue with every CMS is that there is a learning curve. Keeping in mind these issues I will let you choose what you want to do. I will recommend that you do not combine CMS’s. What I mean by that is not to use one CMS for your website and another CMS for you blog or news section of your website. I have seen this many times and I would never do this as it opens yourself up to getting your site hacked many times as most people will not update or keep things secure as much as they need to in a timely fashion.

Overall I would encourage everyone to pick a CMS that works for you. If you have the money go with Drupal and hire a developer to get your site up to par, keep in mind that developer will have to be full time. If you are building a suite that there are many developers for I would check out WordPress. You can do a custom theme and get it built out pretty fast. There are more WordPress developers then drupal and as such they are cheaper.

Whatever it is worth then you need to choose one and stick with it. If nobody in your organization has a clue how to use either system then you need to rethink your business plan. Hire someone, hire a consultant to get everything aligned and working for you. Your website should not be working you, you should work and leverage your website. Lead generation, ad sales, or selling goods, your site should help advance your cause.

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