The Future of Organic Search

Over the last few years I have watched the search engines very carefully. I get asked often what I think the future of search is. Search to me is always moving. If you can understand your target base then you can understand what search is. Think about your product if you are an e-commerce and you are selling earrings. Who buys earrings? Women, Men and everyone in-between. If you sell a niche product like women’s racing swimsuits then I have a feeling that you need to be more select-full in your research.

I think that in my honest opinion that the future of search is voice based. I have started to use voice search in Google Chrome and I find it wonky at times but I also find it very useful at times, it is sure better than Siri.

Voice search and even hand search (think Minority Report movie) will become bigger as the technology improves over time. I like to think that in the next few years that we will see more voice search. The only down part of that will be if you are somewhere crowded and the device cannot hear you. But who knows maybe someone is working on that as well.

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