When to properly use a hashtag for yourself or for your business

We have all seen people use hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and in other areas that support hashtags. Many do not know the history of a hashtag and what they are used for. The hashtag was created by Chris Messina when at the time worked at twitter long ago.

You can go do more research about Chris and hashtags if you want to know the back story if you wish. This post is about the proper usage of a hashtag. We have all seen it, we have someone post something to a social media platform and then flood the post with 10-20 hashtags as well. Most of us gloss over the post and ignore it, the few of us unfriend or unfollow the person or company. It might seem harsh but it happens. My feed is very clean of what I see as I hardly follow people back socially.

The use of a hashtag was meant to frame a conversation about a subject for others. When you drop 10-20 hashtags on a post that is just tacky. The frame of the conversation should be set by one hashtag and that is it for me. One of my favorite hashtags is #ididnotgotosleepin as I post a photo each day on Google+ of some exotic place that I did not go to sleep in but wanted too do such.

When you are posting to social media you do not need to overwhelm the posts with hashtags that are annoying when you do more then one of them per post. A good business would post about things that they are doing. Example a BBQ place might post about the special of the day or guests coming to join them at the eatery. I also think about catering places that can post about the location, colors, food, and a host of other things. Many companies have official hashtags, if you are a company and you do not have one, think about it.

In conclusion please I beg of you not to use more then one hashtag per social media post. Make it easy for your friends and followers to c follow the game of your post. Might seem crazy but how many hashtags do you like to read at any one given time? I think you know where I stand at this point now.

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