Implosion of Website Growth

I once worked on a site that I started from scratch. Literally nothing. I had a good time, I learned how to code, SEO and all kinds of growth hacking while I worked on that site. The power of the site was in sculpting everything, as it was not a ecom site but an informational leading users to call. I never thought about CTA’s or ROI while I was there. I was a noob. I went and I looked back at that site today, what a P.O.S. site I built back then. I would not even pay a few hundred bucks for that today.

The worst part is that after I left the company kept doing it for a bit and then just quit. Our number 1 head term was worth a lot of money and I got us to rank #1 for that term. It really lit my fire in the SEO world. I jumped on today to see how the site is doing, the original site is there but then they launched all kinds duplicate content subdomains. The rankings are gone and they have not really posted to social media in a year. Yeah that is sad. That company had promise, now they back-slid to mediocrity as they are not on the first 3 pages for the key term anymore. That  drop proves something very valuable to me and I hope it does to you as well, if you are not current, if you are not adding and always doing something then the site will die and get swallowed by sites that are pushing to get ahead.

If you start do not quit, do not give up, do not think it is too hard. Just do it. I hate writing myself and I loath it but I write 3-4 blog posts a day to help myself and yes I get criticism and I am okay with it, I do not take it personally. Overall it is sad to see a company wither on the vine and start to shrink. Oh well, I moved on, and I guess they moved back and that happens. I have worked with thousands of businesses over the last few years and you either push and succeed or pull back and die.

When you can you always push to get ahead and never give up no matter what.

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