Google is a dirty down low scraper that vomits your content

Over the last few years I have had the immense pleasure to work in the Google Search and Webmaster Forums for free, pro bono to give back and to help businesses that reach out and have found the forums. Others with my same mindset do the same thing to help others. Yeah we get some perks that other people do not get or even think about. I live close to Google’s main campus in Mountain View and as such I get to go to campus a little more frequently.

When people think of Google they think of a GIANT search engine. Well if you sit back and think about what Google is, they are just a scraper that renders results in a pattern that allows for users to have the perceived impression that they are getting the best results. Googlebot is just a scraper that is pulling your data off of your website, chewing it up and then vomiting it on the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s) for users to view and digest visually. Then the user hopefully is enticed by some act of God to click on your link and visit your site. Yeah Google has maps, apps, site hosting and a host of other things but they bought them. The only thing Google really did was build that AdWords thing that makes them around $100,000,000 A DAY. So what is Google again? That’s right, Google is a scraper that is really smart. 

So for first impressions you have 72 characters in the link you can click on and 172 characters in the text that people read to get to your site. Keeping that all in mind you need to be at the top of page 1 for a reason. If you are not, well you are screwed. Kinda painful to hear right?!? Well now that you are sitting there and you are thinking about all of the pages on your site, yeah you might have 50 or you might have 500,000 million but you got to make sure they are all working for you and you not working for them.

So where is the SEO Growth Hacking part of this? Here it is – you need to make sure that when that amazing little scraper called Googlebot or even Bingbot come to your site that they can get to the pages you want them to go to. So you need the entire package. You need a solid URL structure, H1, H2, file path, proper page load speed, and about 50 other things.

No matter what your site is and what you are doing you need to make sure that you tell Googlebot and even Bingbot where to go, when to do it and how fast sometimes you want them to do everything. I write this as I am sitting on campus researching some search ideas and coming up with an idea to help people. If you are lost, if you do have issues and we all will at some time the place to go to is the Google Forums. You might need help with Search, Gmail, API’s, and a host of other issues and believe it or not but there are literally tons of forums out there that can help you. I am a fan, not fanboy of the Google Forums because they are usually spam free. The occasional spammer does get in for a few hours and then they get banned.

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