What is an SEO in 2014

It is kinda funny when you start looking at job boards for the term SEO these days. Most employers are looking for Growth Hacker or even Growth Engineer. I know Eric Wu on HelpDeskHangouts.com calls himself an Growth Hacker. This will lead some to say I am saying SEO is dead, it is not dead. Danny Sullivan and Barry Schwartz both seen to ask this question often. Let me repeat myself again that SEO is not dead.

The old standard of link building is dead. That part of calling or emailing someone and asking them for a link is and should be dead but we all still get an email link swap at least once a month right? Okay lets dig into Growth Hacking.

Growth Hacking is the ability of the hacker to not only look at webmaster, analytics, social, code, YouTube, and everything else in one but also the value of the customers and what the customers or potential customers want over time.

Growth hacking is becoming the norm in the industry. This is what an SEO will become. Looking at sites out there that are accomplishing growth hacking well I do not look at old companies that have been around for a long time. I look at companies that have been around for less then 5 years. One company that I have been studying in the last few months is RevZilla. I will not comment on what I have learned as I will lead that up to you the reader to figure out on your own. Overall, at the end of the week the job boards are not looking for an SEO anymore, they are looking for Growth Hackers that have the total package these days.

If you think I am wrong go look, people want a Audience Developer, Growth Hacker, or even a director of marketing. The coolest one is the Wizard of Growth Hacking and Audience Development that I saw on indeed.

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