Scooping sites with new content

current news issue and seen the articles that are ranking. The reason that the site that ranks is because the writers for that site are hot on the topic. Take today for example there was a Shooting at LAX involving Paul Anthony Ciancia. Paul Anthony Ciancia is from South Jersey, the son of an auto shop owner, but lived in L.A for the last few years.

Posts like this and other top news help to pull sites to the top of the rankings. The faster you can jump on a thread about a news article the faster your site will rank for that article. You will become the source. There are many things you can do to be the leader in your space. You can set up Google alerts, you can set up other alerts, you can scour Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other mediums to see what people are talking about and writing about.

If you can be first to the show, you can be a leader, a thought leader, an expert on a subject and get your name out there. The purpose of publishing new content is that you will be fresh with your content. Look at your analytics, now publish content each day for 45 days. You will see you traffic start to up-tick and then do nothing for 6 months if you want. You will see traffic continue to go climb and then you will start to see a flattening and a decrease of your traffic.

I have done this test for you already and you do not have to do it unless you want to repeat the traffic drops I have. Just write each and everyday, 7 days a week. I have a nexus 7 and I use the WordPress app to publish my content

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