Unique content on the go, WordPress for Android App

Most WordPress publishing apps suck. We all know that, look at any of the reviews for the apps and they are flooded with complaints. I decided to give the Android App for WordPress a try over the last few days. I like it for the most part.

I wish I could have all my sites on here that I could have access to at once without having to sign in and out on each of them. Maybe we will see an improvement over the next year. Overall I do like this app as it has worked flawlessly over the last week for me. You do not have the kitchen sink that you can manipulate and add in all kinds of fancy things. I do like that there is a !–more– with the <> on either side to engage users to click on the next page. Great tag that is underutilized in WordPress. If you have any cool plugins, like a SEO one that you use to create Titles, Descriptions and Schema Reviews, yeah this will not help you.

I think that over time this will become better, I look forward to seeing what will happen with this app. I am on the Nexus7 first generation tablet, so adding photos are difficult but if you snap a photo or video using your phone you can add it if you are syncing with Google+ then your photos will be easy to grab. The image below I pulled from my Google+ stream. There is some chances to play with the image size and such if you click on the image in the post before publishing it. There is also no way to play with the code source if you want to play with things there on the fly.

I ride a motorcycle so this image makes me laugh when I lane split as I get great mileage when I am moving and not sitting still.

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