Static Content Websites

If you have a site that is more of a static site like a restaurant or catering business you have to ask yourself what your site is really gonna help you with. If you have a catering business where you go to different locations each week and you have built of a small but good reputation you have to think do people want to read text or look at images. Who is your staff serving? Future customers. So that being said in my house my wife does all of the food shopping and for all of my friends the wife buys everything.

Women are image driven, so are guys but women love pictures, they love them like nobody else. I look at static sites and the issue with them is that there is nothing new, nothing fresh. Fresh content to me is better then food. Images and new fresh content can make a site thrive. I conversed back and forth with a caterer who does 15-25 events per month. I look at that as 15-25 blog posts and or YouTube video segments.

Most sites lack on current content. They sadly just do, life and work gets busy but to keep the work going you have to breath life into the website. Links are crap and while I think they have a place, I also think that place is an old SEO firm. The value of unique valuable content that can not only help your business but the community is worth it.

If you are a caterer the food you serve is not really a secret. Others have it to. Serve up some of your recipes for a few people to cook up, and hand out the recipes to people who really like it. Most people do not cook at volume and because of that they want to make what they liked at a much smaller scale. Share the recipes on social media and include good photos. There are so many things on adding content and making your site valuable that I could go on for hours.

In conclusion, no business ever gets better resting, only meat does. Push ahead at all times and add new content. Even if you talk about how great the week is it is still new and fresh.

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