Google Auto complete, saving you seconds ads up in a day.

Many times I see people that are not happy about Google auto complete. They start to type a word in the Google search but the user thinks that is for some reason either not what they wanted to see or for some reason they feel offended that Google was trying to gone the user results.

Usually when I talked to most users they are split evenly on these two issues. This woman is 67, decent on the computer and rocks a Chromebook because it is a super fast, super easy laptop. I talked to her about auto complete, she didn’t know it was even named. She said she likes it because as she starts to type it usually fills out the data for her. She enjoys the feature, she said the only issue for her is that sometimes she selects a field as it is updating and selects the wrong field. This can happen and she just re-types it. Overall she feels that it helps her and speeds things up for her a she is online.

Now let’s talk about the other section of people that do not like it. Many I have talked to think this is Google spying on them. As we know Google already knows more about you and so does every company you shop at and your credit card company and your bank as well. For those that are worried about auto complete for privacy reasons we have much more to worry about.

Auto complete saves me time over the day. I do not know the stats but I know that the people that I have talked about this over the last few years are the older generation. The youth of today do not mind it and they embrace it as of now.

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