How fast should webpage loading speed be to ranking in Google?

As many of us know webpage loading speed is a ranking factor. If you go to your Google Webmaster Tools account under Crawl > Crawl Stats you will see three charts.

  1. Pages crawled per day
  2. Kilobytes downloaded per day
  3. Time spent downloading a page (in milliseconds)

The third one is the one we will be talking about in this post.

Many CMS’s will have a higher than normal time. If you want to check your page load speed for different pages you can Fetch as Googlebot. When you see the Success link you can click that for the data. The homepage for this simple site with zero ads download time is 1780 milliseconds and that to me is super slow. WordPress is a slower CMS but has some benefits which is why I am using it. A good CMS like the one I am currently* working on with some amazingly awesome engineers takes less than 200 milliseconds to load a page.

If you can control how fast your page loads and have it load fast you will see your rankings improve. I did a test for a few months where I intentionally had the page load really slow, the traffic took a nosedive, rankings dropped and nothing good came from it. Many CMS’s have a lot of bloat in them that makes them perform poorly.

So please if you are on an enterprise  developer I suggest working to make the sites you work on load in less than 200 milliseconds.

*As of today.

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